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Everything You Need to Know

What does a restaurant PR do?

A good restaurant PR will become and extension of your in house team. I only work on a few projects at once so that I can fully understand what each restaurant and business is about and what approach they need to gain the right media coverage. A restaurant PR understands how the media works and has the right contacts and knowledge to get restaurants and chefs the coverage that will boost their business.

What is the advantage of Peanuts PR over bigger restaurant PR firms?

Big restaurant PR agencies in London rely on taking on clients in volume and keeping them on the books as long as possible. This leads to a situation where staff are working on as many as 20 clients at any one time, so it's easy for restaurants to get lost in the mix and slide down the to-do list. Peanuts PR offers something different – a more considered bespoke approach, giving equal time and dedication to each client.

What other services does Peanuts PR provide?

PR and Marketing are closely related, and I often undertake marketing projects for clients as well as traditional restaurant PR. I've done everything from producing magazines and launching a loyalty card scheme for Camden Market, to hotel concierge dinners, festivals and pop up reader dinners. I can also write professional copy for websites, newsletters and social media for clients.

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